Jaguar Jaguar Electric Sewing Machine FP-06 Home Appliances Electric Sewing Machine

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"Jaguar Electric Sewing Machine FP-06" is an electric sewing machine designed by Peko-chan. Speed adjustment is a two-step adjustment of fast and slow. Lightweight and compact, it is convenient to carry and can be used as an introductory sewing machine. The sewing position of straight stitch is the left baseline, making it easier to sew thin fabrics. The length of the straight and zigzag seams can be freely adjusted with the dial, and the vertical hook that can adjust the tension of the bobbin thread is used, so a beautiful finish is possible. Instructions for use With DVD, even beginners can use it immediately after purchase.


Category Household appliances
Material ・ Item Electric sewing machine
Product brandJaguar sewing machine
Set contentNeedle (3 pcs set), Bobbin (3 pcs), Buttonhole presser, Threaded sesame presser, Threaded sesame cushion (2 pcs), Brushed seam ripper, Screw driver, Screw plate driver, Soft cover, Instruction manual DVD, Power cord
Product SpecificationsMaterial: Light Alloy Aluminum Digast, ABS resin
Power supply: AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption: 30 W
Code length: 1.8 m
Number of rotations: Minimum: 200 ± 50 rpm, maximum 400 ± 50 rpm
Main body: (width) 350x (depth) 160x (height) 275mm
Body weight: 4.4 kg
Country of originVietnam


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