Le Creuset Japon Le Creuset Signature Cocot Oval 4.1 L Cherry Red Home & Kitchen Hollow Pot

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"Le Creuset Signature Cocotte Oval 4.1L Cherry Red" has excellent heat conduction and heat storage. The heat enters slowly and evenly, and the ingredients are not boiled down to bring out the sweetness and umami. The dish is hard to cool and keeps the dish warm.
-The dome effect (dome-shaped lid) that has evolved in many years of research, convection such that heat and steam wrap the food.
● The fine steam points at the three locations of the lid let out the miscellaneous tastes of the material, because the steam is slowly and uniformly released, and it brings out the flavor.
●Open flame, IH cooking heater, orb, dishwasher can be used.


Category Home & kitchen
Material ・ Item Hollow pot
Product brandLE CREUSET (Le Creuset)
Product Specifications27cm/4.1L
MaterialBody: Foundry enamel, knob: Phenolic resin
Country of originFrance
Contact informationLe Creuse Japon Co., Ltd.
2-9, Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3585-0197


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