Kenko Tokina Kenko Dry Fresh Sheet Type DF-SH202 2 Sheets Daily Use Desiccant

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"Kenko Dry Fresh Sheet Type DF-SH202 2 Sheet" protects important cameras, lenses, memory cards, etc. from mold, moisture, alteration, and Discolors.
● Use type B silica gel (persistent silica gel).
● In addition to long-lasting moisture absorption, it also excels in deodorizing effects.
● Please use it in the camera bag or storage place.
● By drying in the sun, it releases the adsorbed water and can be regenerated. If the white side of the sheet turns yellowish, it is time to replace it.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Desiccant
Product SpecificationsZ: 120x175mm
Contents: 20gx2 pieces
Material: B type silica gel
Non-woven: White non-woven
Contact informationKenko Tokina
TEL 0120-775-818


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