Yamazaki Biscuits [Case Sale] Yamazaki Biscuits Levin Cheese Sandwich 18 Sheets x 10 Bags Food Biscuits

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"[Case sale] Yamazaki Biscuits Levin Cheese Sandwich 18 sheets x 10 bags" is a fragrant cracker using fermented seeds sandwiched with cheddar cheese cream.
*Please note that the outer box may be damaged or have scratches.
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Category Hood
Material ・ Item Biscuit
Product brandRevan
Internal capacity18 sheets x 10 bags
Please note● Manufactured with the same equipment as products using eggs.
● Photos, illustrations are images.
● Please be careful not to cut your hand at the time of opening.
● Please open as soon as possible after opening.
● Black grains in the product is rye.
Preservation methodDo not store in direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name ●: cracker
Ingredients ●: wheat flour, processed fats and oils, whey powder (dairy products), cheddar cheese powder, sugar, butter powder, whole milk powder, glucose fructose sugar liquid salt, salt, malt extract, rye flour, yeast, fermented seeds / swelling agent, flavor , Emulsifier (from soy), annatto pigment
● Nutritional ingredient indication: per pack 9 pieces (75.6g) / energy: 400kcal, protein: 6.7g, lipid: 22.7g, carbohydrate: 42.3g, equivalent amount of salt: 1.6g
Contact informationManufacturer: Yamazaki Biscuit Co., Ltd.
1-26-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Factory: Ibaraki Prefecture Furukawa City hill village 7

Contact: Ibaraki Prefecture Furukawa City hill village 7
Yamazaki Biscuit Co., Ltd.
Customer Counseling Office 0120-945-522


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