Shochu Furoshiki Sho Tsutsumi Red Daily Necessities Eco Bag

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"Shochu Furoshiki Shotsutsumi Red" is the first "for Shochu shochu" furoshiki designed for the manufacturing process of sweet potato shochu.
● We produce original embroidery based in Kagoshima.
●DESIGNED BY Sayori Wada.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Eco bag
Please note● This product is intended for use up to 5 bottles. There is a risk of peeling when using it in a single bottle.
● Embroidery parts may be loosened by friction.
Product SpecificationsZ: 75cmx75cm
Load capacity: 1.5 kg
Fabric: Melon Amundsen
Thread: rayon
Country of originJapan
Contact informationManufacturer and distributor
Senko Corporation
8-11 Wholesale Honmachi, Kagoshima
TEL 099-260-5000


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