Lion [Case Sale] Soflan Aroma Rich Fairy Watery Flower Aroma Fragrance Refill Oversized 1210mlx6 Daily Necessities Softener Refill

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"[Case Sale] Soflan Aroma Rich Fairy Watery Flower Aroma Refill Oversized 1210mlx6" is an aroma softener with a deep scent.
● Committed aroma blend. Always by the side, deep aroma continues to smell gently.
● Aroma oil formulated.
● The soft component of plant origin softens up to one soft one and prevents static electricity.
● The smell of a watery flower aroma that is an image of a pretty fairy-like woman with a refreshing and transparent feeling Fairy (Fairy)
*Please note that the outer box may be damaged or have scratches.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Softener Refill
Product brandSoflan aroma rich
Internal capacity1210mlx6 pieces
How to use10 ml for 1.5 kg of laundry (30 liters of water)
[In the case of a fully automatic washing machine] Put this product in the soft (finishing) agent automatic insertion slot and wash it (automatically inserted at the time of rinse).
[In the case of a two-tank washing machine and hand-washing] When the rinse water is clean, put this product in it, and either spin it for 3 minutes or soak it and dehydrate it.
* If the setting of the washing machine has "Stomach rinse" and "Flush rinse", please select "Stomach rinse".
Please note● Do not use outside applications.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Be careful about the place to prevent accidental ingestion such as people with dementia.
Do not put liquids directly on clothing.
● If the liquid spills, immediately wipe with water.
ComponentSurfactant (ester type dialkyl ammonium salt), stabilizer, perfume
Country of originJapan


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