Asunaro Bread [Case Sale] Asunaro Canned Bread for Disaster Storage Petit Veil 2 Pieces x 24 Cans Food Canned Bread (Canned Bread)

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"[Case Sale] Asunaro Canned Bread for Disaster Storage Petit Veil 2 Pieces x 24 Cans" is a canned bread (canned bread) that can be stored for a long time. The work from bread production to canning is consistently performed in a factory that is strictly hygienic, and high-temperature vacuum sterilization is performed. It can be easily opened with an easy open can, and it can be eaten immediately without cooking or in case of emergency without the need for fire or water. No oxygen scavengers or preservatives are used. It features a soft and fluffy texture. Please enjoy with your family.
※ The shelf life is the period from the date of manufacture. Depending on the product, it may be short.
*Please note that the outer box may be damaged or have scratches.
About the notation such as shelf life
Listed in the order of the year / month / day in the package.


Category Hood
Material ・ Item Canned bread (canned bread)
Product brandAsunaro bread
Internal capacity2 x 24 cans
How to eatHold the thin paper part in order from the top and take it out slowly.
You can take it out without touching the pan directly.

● When taking out the bread, please be careful not to cut your hands at the cut of the lid.
Please note● Please be careful not to cut your hand with the edge or the edge of the lid when opening the can.
● Since the bread is covered with paper, please remove before serving.
● Please eat as soon as possible after opening the can.
● Product storage should avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, humid places as possible.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Ingredients ●: flour, sugar (sugar, glucose), fermented soy milk, margarine, whole egg, white cacao, yeast, petit ver, whole fat milk powder, vegetable protein, skimmed milk powder, salt, animal fats, vitamin C, vitamin E , Coloring (carotene), (including soy as part of the raw material)
Country of originJapan
Contact informationSocial welfare corporation Esuji welfare society mentally disabled person place training facility "Asunaro bread"


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