Morinaga Milk Industry Kodo Mill Strawberry Drink 125mL * 3 bottles Baby & Kids All Powdered Milk

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"Kodo Mill Strawberry Drink 125mL * 3 bottle" is a nutritionally balanced food with a balanced nutrition, even on a busy morning. Support your child's growth and health well. No artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors or preservatives. From about one and a half years old.
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Category Baby & Kids
Material ・ Item Powdered milk all
Internal capacity125 mL * 3 bottles
Allergic substances contained in raw materialsMilk, soy
Usage notes● Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature, please do not put in the refrigerator.
● Please use up the 18g pack that I had sealed once.
● Please drink melted milk as soon as possible.
● 1-2 items of this product is a standard for daily use.
● This product is filled with nitrogen gas for every one, and we have made every effort to the quality.
Preservation methodIt can be stored at room temperature, but keep it as cool as possible.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.● Name / Name: Nutritional food
Ingredients ●: dextrin, lactose, adjusting fat, milk protein, sugar, dairy, galactooligosaccharide liquid sugar, lactulose, refined fish oil, salt, flavor, cellulose, emulsifier (from soy), potassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, Citric acid, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, gardenia pigment, vitamin C, potassium carbonate, safflower pigment, iron pyrophosphate, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin D, calcium pantothenate, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folate, vitamin B2 , Vitamin B12
● Nutritional ingredient indication: per product pack 125 ml
Amount of heat: 115 kcal, protein 2.6 g, lipid 4.6 g, carbohydrate 16.1 g, sodium 55 mg, vitamin A 861 μg, vitamin B1 0.11 mg, vitamin B2 0.11 mg, vitamin B6 0.14 mg, vitamin B12 0.21 μg, vitamin C 16 mg, vitamin D 1.3 μg, vitamin E 1.1 mg, calcium 140 mg, phosphorus 78 mg, iron 14 mg, iron 1.2 mg, niacin 1.2 mg, folic acid 24 μg, pantothenic acid 0.96 mg, linoleic acid 600 mg, α-linolenic acid 60 mg, DHA 16 mg, lactulose 107 mg, galactooligosaccharide 107 mg
Country of originJapan
Contact informationManufacturer: Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
5-3-3 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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